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Vitus Payroll can assist your business with your payroll, human resource management, and time and attendance. Our specialists are your guide to help navigate these often murky waters while our payroll software helps you run your business more efficiently and provides you access to critical employment data at all times.


Payroll processing is one of the most necessary functions for your growing business. Vitus Payroll can ease your mind when it comes to paying your staff. We couple powerful software with local, personal service to reduce the amount of time you and your staff spend on these administrative duties while we process timely payments and prepare payroll tax returns.

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Timekeeping is a crucial component of a successful payroll department. Employees must be accountable for the time they spend working and employers must be accountable to pay employees for the time they work. Vitus Payroll can provide several timekeeping hardware and software solutions to improve productivity, accuracy, and reliability.

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HR Management

Looking for a company to take care of your human resources needs? Look no further than Vitus Payroll. We can help you develop and review your HR policies and procedures that fit the way you run your business. We can help with onboarding new employees or terminations discreetly and securely. We also help to ensure your business adheres to nuanced wage and hour regulations.

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